About kilroe


Hi!  I’m Kathleen Kilroe. About a year ago, I found myself very frustrated with my business-casual wardrobe.  I was travelling a lot for work and my clothes would get wrinkled in my suitcase and I would have to iron an outfit every morning in my hotel room.  However, I noticed that some of my clothes were awesomely wrinkle-resistant and I quickly found myself wearing those ones more and more.

I asked myself, “what do these clothes that are wrinkle resistant have in common?” and the answer was that they were all made primarily with polyester.  Polyester has a bit of a bad rap, I think still thanks to those hot scratchy suits that people wore in the 70’s.  The fact is though, polyester is durable, the most wrinkle resistant fabric, and can be made to feel like silk nowadays.  It’s also recyclable, especially 100% polyester.

A lot of brands have some wrinkle-resistant stuff, but I just thought it would be great if there was a brand where you didn’t have to look at the care tags every time.  A brand where you knew that everything they made is wrinkle resistant and can be washed in the washing machine in dried in the dryer.  Sometimes I’ll forget to look at the care tags before trying something on and I’ll fall in love with it, only to then learn that it’s dry clean only and I realize that I just can’t buy it! I know myself well enough to know that I’ll never take the time to go to the drycleaners; or I’ll throw it in the washer by mistake and ruin it.  Either way, I’ll wear it once and I need my clothes to last me a lot longer than one wear.

Fast-forward a year, and after taking a couple of classes to learn about fashion design and launching a fashion business, we’re up and running!  Kilroe is not a big venture-backed startup.  It’s just someone who saw something that could be improved and is trying to do just that.


We’re proud to be a Canadian brand, made in our hometown of Vancouver, and we would love to hear from you!  Drop us a line @ info@shopkilroe.com.

-Kathleen Kilroe